Free Stuff

We all like free stuff. Digital marketing mini-workshops, hacks and guides to get your digital juices flowing.

Digital marketing can be overwhelming especially when you are a time-pressured small business owner or marketer. At relearn, we understand so we have collated some free mini-courses, guides and hacks to help you get stuff done.

Intro to Google Analytics

FREE 1hr workshop will cover the basics of Google Analytics and set you up for success.…

Free Guides & Downloads

Map out your content plans and get clear on your weekly production schedule and the tasks you need to complete for each channel. There is even a little how-to video and filled in examples to get you started. I mean come on, awesome or what?

Getting to know your customer (humans as i like to call them) pain points is a vital step to help you plan out your approach to your digital marketing. This template helps you map out the pain points and walks you through 3 ways to use them.